Students learning to play the traditional Irish Wooden Flute

Irish Music Classes for 2024

Workshops are at an intermediate to advanced level, so familiarity with traditional Irish music and playing by ear is important. Classes focus on traditional music technique and learning tunes, rather than how to play the instruments.


Flute tutor(s) for 2024

Class description

The Irish wooden flute has one of the most distinctive sounds in Irish traditional music and is a challenging but very rewarding instrument to play. The ability to play a wooden or French-model open holed flute is ideal, but students playing a closed hole (plateau) flute are also welcome. Classes focus on learning tunes and technique.

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Fiddle tutor(s) for 2024

Afric Boylan - Irish fiddle player
Aifric Boylan
Ireland / Australia

Class description

The fiddle is one of the most widely recognised instruments in traditional Irish music. Fiddle workshops focus on learning tunes, bowing technique, and ornamentation

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Guitar tutor(s) for 2024

Class description

Guitars can be used to play the melody in Irish music, but are also used as rhythm instruments to back musicians playing the melody. Classes focus on the distinctive beat and rhythm of Irish music.
The alternative tuning of D A D G A D is most associated with Irish music, however, being familiar with this tuning is not a requirement for the class.

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Uilleann Pipes

Uilleann Pipes tutor(s) for 2024

Wynton Moore - Uillian pipe musician
Wynton Moore
NZ / Ireland

Class description

Uilleann pipes are Irish bagpipes, and with the number of players increasing in New Zealand this instrument class is becoming very popular. Familiarity with this instrument is absolutely essential for the class, but there will be an opportunity for students of other instruments to try the pipes.

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Banjo/Mandolin tutor(s) for 2024

Cameron Hibbs - Irish banjo player
Cameron Hibbs

Class description

The four string tenor banjo is a relative newcomer to Irish music, and due to its volume it is a popular instrument to play for dancers. Some players simply strum the instrument in a guitar-like style, but most play the tune (e.g. a reel or jig). The banjo classes focus on learning tunes, as well as technique and ornamentation.

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Whistle tutor(s) for 2024

Oscar West - irish tin whistle player
Oscar West
NZ / Australia

Class description

The tin whistle is a simple instrument with a big sound that has an old and close association with Irish traditional music. Those still learning the whistle but already playing tunes on another instrument may join this class.

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Free Reed

Free Reed tutor(s) for 2024

Dara O'Coisdealbha, Irish accordion player
Dara O'Coisdealbha
Ireland / Australia

Class description

Free reed students at Ceol Aneas are mostly button accordion and Anglo concertina players, but piano accordion and English concertina players are also welcome. As the instruments may vary, tutors concentrate on tunes and general technique rather than instrument specific technique.

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Traditional Irish Singing

Traditional Irish Singing tutor(s) for 2024

Class description

Traditional Irish singing is the singing of traditional songs in styles such as sean nós. The singing classes explore songs in both Irish and English and are suitable for beginners.

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Irish Set Dancing

Irish Set Dancing tutor(s) for 2024

Helen Stonehouse, Irish set dancing tutor
Helen Stonehouse
Aotearoa, New Zealand

Class description

Irish dancing includes various traditional dance forms, such as sean nós, step dancing, ceili dancing, and set dancing. These classes focus on set dancing.  Set dances are traditional social dances of Ireland and are the best way to enjoy Irish music. Danced in sets of 8 people in a square formation, each set dance has between 3 and 7 figures. 

There are no difficult steps to learn, this is not like River Dance!  No partner needed, there will always be someone to dance with. Suitable for beginners and experienced alike, all ages welcome from the age of 10 upwards.  Smooth soled shoes recommended.  Dancing to great tunes, and having fun.

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Please note:  All classes are taught in the traditional style, by ear, and students are expected to be familiar with playing traditional Irish music and comfortable learning by ear. The classes are not suitable for beginners. Most classes will be taught at an intermediate to advanced level. If you have any questions, or would like advice in evaluating your playing level, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Instrumental classes are designed for intermediate and advanced students.